Cathedral Calm

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The calm at the start of the Easter Triduum has a special solemn attraction for me. After years of service on the altar, being out amongst the congregation makes way for those moments of quiet reflection. I think this too is quite possibly the first occasion in a long while that I've visited the Altar of Repose on Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday in the Catholic tradition joining in with worshippers after The Last Supper. Yes there were many worshippers coming and going but that didn't detract from the sense of occasion.

The quiet moments of Holy Thursday extend into Good Friday where at Westminster Cathedral a long almost unending queue forms after The Celebration of The Passion  for personal  veneration of the cross. It is a very solemn and dignified event lasting almost an hour and a half as the line makes measured and tranquil progress towards the sanctuary. It is a day where even the most casual of observers would I expect not failed to be touched by the calming nature of the proceedings.

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