Long Hard Climb

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The match against Rydal wasn't  looking very promising. We weren't batting very well and unsurprisingly the opposition seemed to be getting the better of us. I had intended on shooting some batting today but the opportunities were far and few in between. There was also a chill in the air which made staying out less than pleasant. But then the first team started to dig their heels in

and as the afternoon wore on, began to pull out all the stops to bowl out Rydal

As spirits were on the rise, the game began to turn. Remember " it ain't over till the fat lady sings ".

So May 14 turned out to be memorable day after all as following a determined fightback,  Ellesmere's 1st XI walked tall by the close of play.

Please remember you can enlarge these images by clicking on them. More pictures on the match against Rydal here

Can't wait to catch you in June friends. Enjoy your half term.

Out here on my own

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You may be surrounded by teammates, onlookers, well-wishers and the opposition at times doesn't  feel far away enough but once out there you're on your own. Your hands tightly gripping the bat, your eyes and mind focussed on that ball coming at you. And then as it is hurled, making it's trajectory in your direction, you know your moment has come and everything rests on you.

May 11, 2011 - Ellesmere U14 v Oswestry, another home match, another home win

When the going gets tough

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With energy held in check since the postponement of the competition two weeks ago, the anticipated pulling forces of the annual House Tug of War were finally unleashed on The Terraces during the sunshine and intermittent rain of last Thursday. Muscle power was on show but to no avail

since with an unbeaten run, Wakeman-Lambert went on to prove that when the going gets tough, the toughest simply get going

That was such a lot of fun friends. Sadly, it was over all too soon so do please let me know when you're doing it again. 

Three Choirs Concert - The Event

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Roger Paul, seen here with the chapel choir of the college conducts a successful rehearsal in the afternoon

prior to the great summer musical extravaganza at Ellesmere which began in the evening and showcased outstanding performances by singers and instrumentalists drawn from the vast pool of talent at the college beginning with the choir from Lower School led by Rebecca Paul.

The audience were then treated to a rendition of three songs by Gaenor Ellis who was accompanied by Roger on the piano

Then at the helm of The Scholar's Ensemble, the walls of big school reverberated to the
sound of Rossini's William Tell Overture

before the full orchestra unleashed it's might and prowess, performing music from Star Wars, The  Lord of the Rings and Eye of the Tiger to the obvious enjoyment of all present

With much on offer in a packed program, Big School and it's adjacent corridor were cramped with Ladies in Waiting

and their gentlemen counterparts of the Ellesmere College Choral Society

It was another triumphant evening of excellent music making as Roger once again took to the keyboard with an arrangement of Somebody to Love

The evening concluded with a medley from The Phantom of the Opera with all three choirs being on stage

My advise to everyone is not to miss The 3 Choirs 2012!!!

Enjoy my friends

More images here and here

Little League Players Battle The Rain

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The Year 8 Rugby League Festival, a brainchild of Alex Murphy was held jointly it seems with the coming of summer showers at Parry's Field on Thursday May 12th. Ellesmere battled under trying conditions as may be seen here

showing combative spirit throughout the afternoon

aided by strategy meetings

creative planning

and support at the highest levels

Talbot House Formal Dinner

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They do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but dinners surely are amongst the most enjoyable 

Talbot House hosted it's formal summer dinner on Wednesday evening. Attended by students, staff and invited guests

Being amongst friends is surely a great way to take in a summer's evening, any evening. 

There was grub, grog, fun

speeches and awards

and I thought Lukas was about to break into a rap number.

More on my main site and on Facebook

Thanks for the invitation friends. See you soon 

Ellesmere Open Day

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Is this how champions are made?

There's nothing like starting early, is there? The young man's name is Kyle. I think I'm fortunate to have been around to grab this shot. Many a champion will have had such small beginnings so you never know.....

Ellesmere held it's major Open day of the year yesterday. Perhaps unsurprisingly it was not to emerge unscathed by the wet weather that was to soak much of the country at the weekend. Nevertheless nothing it seemed would dampen the spirits of the parents, prospective pupils and indeed staff and students who turned out for the event to make it a memorable day for everyone

as much was on show to explore


and entertain

Boy, this place gets better and better.

You may see more here

'Tis The Season.....

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..... to Win!!!  Win!!!  Win!!!

There will be plenty of cheering this season and hopes pinned on results like last Saturday when Ellesmere's U14 and U15 Boys teams triumphed over Shrewsbury.

There will be plenty of shooting too and indeed cheering from this photographer.

C'mon Ellesmere!!!  

Ian Beer at 80 : A Reason To Celebrate

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Following months of planning by Nick Pettingale and Doris Taylor at the development office coupled with assistance from the archives courtesy of OEs John Harvey and Paul Russell, the 80th birthday celebrations of former headmaster Ian Beer was enjoyed by the 116 guests who attended Big School on Saturday April 30th.

Ian Beer became headmaster of Ellesmere at the age of 29. As you would expect, soon after their arrival at the reception, they were surrounded by friends and well-wishers.

Nick as Master of Ceremony saw to the smooth running of an enjoyable evening

with Daisy, Kate, John, George and Roger adding an artistic and cultural touch to the proceedings

which culminated with Roger playing the Schulze organ for a rendition of Jerusalem just in time for, yes you guessed it, speeches.

For this, Nick introduced Brendan Wignall who in turn handed the floor to Ian who was ready to deliver an anecdotal account of his time at Ellesmere

The event which provided an excellent opportunity to launch the ' Ian Beer Rugby Scholarship ' intended to support a Sixth Form student in the college's rugby academy concluded with a lineup of Ian's first five appointees to the common room, many of whom regularly attend special occasions at the college.

A very memorable evening enjoyed by all. From a photographer's point of view I can tell you it really was a blast. More images may be found here

Happy Birthday Ian!!!