Garden Portrait

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It's been raining somewhat heavily this morning, washing away the dust and grime from my car and along with it my morning run. Just at the downpour was beginning, I spotted that the earlier shower had highlighted a spider's web in the garden. Thus braving equipment to the elements I grabbed this shot before my 5D2 became too wet for comfort.

As with most of the pictures in my blog, you may supersize the image by clicking on it. For those who care about these things, the subject is a Garden Spider, also known as a Cross Spider because of the cross-shaped mark on its' abdomen with adult specimens seen between June to October in these isles.

Hope the day promises some dry spells so I can get in the third of my four runs this week or I won't be such a happy bunny. Mind you, I'm not always happy doing it either but that's another matter.

Y'all have a nice day now

Little Things

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Hobbies come in various sizes. When I bought my first DSLR, it was precisely to capture images of my hobby. Those little things called watches. My first attempt at macro photography was a disaster. Notwithstanding it was back in my point n shoot days, I simply couldn't get the hang of going that close. Life is much easier with a specialized macro lens. I love my 100mm f2.8. It gets me up close without the need to overhang what I'm shooting and therefore throwing my own shadow or that of the lens onto the subject. This is probably my favourite macro picture

I love the way the light comes off the dial with its' brushed blue finish. This picture of the 42.2mm Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra  was taken at a distance of around 18 inches from the watch. Friends who are aware of my habits know that I rarely use a light tent. Terry ( diver 88 ) one of my buddies on my watch forum at isn't one for putting up a light tent either and his pictures are stunning. Hope you can drop in again and please do have a look at the forum when you have a moment. The guys will love to say hello.

Omega watches have been the apple of my eye in the world of horology. I like the history of the company too, especially in recent times. When the Swiss watch industry was almost decimated by the arrival of quartz technology back in the early 70s, Omega like many other brands nearly sunk without a trace. Then the bankers appointed the late Nicolas Hayek to turn things round. Something I have always remembered from an interview which Nicolas Hayek gave was his concern that jobs within the industry would be saved. Indeed Maria Mastrodonato who is universally regarded by watch enthusiasts as their favourite lady at Omega in Bienne wrote this to me back in June this year.

" This is really a sad day….If we are here at work it is all thanks to him even if our country is in a economic crises nobody lost his job !!!Mr Hayek was a real “big boss“ and the entire Swatch Group will miss him. "

Now there's a real hero in my books.

Nicolas G Hayek 19 February 1928 to 28 June 2010

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