Richmond Set To Get Noisier

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It is by most counts a lovely place to live. The proximity of the river with it's pleasing walks and splendid views, the recreational advantages of being adjacent to the largest of all the Royal parks and the presence of amenities close at hand make Richmond an immense draw for Londoners accounting therefore for the demand and price levels of property in the area. Yet Richmond also lies in the flightpath to Heathrow with residents having  to endure the seemingly near constant sound of approaching aircraft in the day. From tomorrow July 1, the second phase of operational trials which allow for aircraft to arrive earlier in the morning and to use whichever runway that was deemed more suitable during busy periods begin at Heathrow and this trial has been extended by a further six months until March of next year.  With the possibility of a third runway the subject of constant debate in political circles,  it comes as no surprise that much talk at the annual summer party of The Richmond Society was about Heathrow and aeroplanes.

With support for the plight of local residents coming from Zac Goldsmith the sitting member of Parliament for the constituency along with a number of his party colleagues as well as the Liberal Democrats, it is a certainty that debate over the long-standing issue of flights over the borough is set to continue. If Richmond is to get noisier then the residents will be gathering support to ensure that they too will be heard.

For the moment though and through the course of the afternoon, members of the society enjoyed their annual get-together on the lawn and grounds of Trumpeters' House courtesy of  the owners, Baron and Baroness Van Diedem.

Guests of honour at the party this year included Bamber Gascoigne and Mark and Rosemary Edwards. Observers of the recent celebrations of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee will recall that Mark Edwards was the originator of the Gloriana, the centrepiece of the water pageant on the recent weekend of celebrations.

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