Of gulls and dogs

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Gulls don't make it easy for you. At least dogs have been known to pose when you train a lens on them. On a hazy Friday afternoon though I was delighted to catch some gulls behave as though they were in an aerial dogfight.

I love the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV. It's tracking capability is awesome.

Come to think of it, two would be even better !!!

Bhodie's Big Day and A Dog's Life

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Know what it's like to have fun?

Seeing Bhodie at home

and at play

indeed lots of play

a dog's life surely can't be all that bad

when you have that winning feeling

Getting Ahead

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In today's competitive world seizing the opportunity is vital, so presenting yourself well and making the right impression is all important since in most instances you only get one chance. With help from someone who understands organisations and what they require, getting and staying ahead can be that much easier.

Marion Mitchell has used her 20 years of experience with some of the biggest names in industry based both here and abroad to help a host of executives do just that. Companies like BP, Cable & Wireless, Diageo and Tesco stay ahead by benefitting from Marion's coaching skills borne of a background in HR consultancy. Marion can be reached on www.marionmitchell.co.uk

Recording sound with DSLRs

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With more professionals and enthusiasts using the HD Video capabilities of their DSLRs there has been over this past year, an increase in the number of products on offer. Any acquisition in respect of photography is as we know too well, a costly exercise so below is a very useful survey of microphones by Dan Carr which may just narrow the choice and take the sting out of buying a less than suitable tool. Dan is a commercial outdoor sports photographer from British Columbia who will be familiar to many users of Think Tank products. Thanks Dan, you've got me working out my budget!!


Enjoy everyone


A National Heritage

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On Thursday the 17 February, Caroline Spelman as Secretary for the environment apologised to members of the house and announced the government's decision not to change the ownership of 258,000 hectacres of state-owned woodland.

In what was the biggest campaign since the government took office which involved public gatherings, advertisements in national newspapers and sustained pressure including use of  social media and over 100,000 emails being sent to members of parliament,  the nation spoke with one voice that Britain's woodlands were a national heritage and it's ownership should remain in public hands. The forests rightly belong to the people.

This is only a beginning since with the Forestry Commission being run down, much of the future of our woodland remains at risk and much action and discussion is needed to ensure the continued well-being of our forests.