Ian Beer at 80 : A Reason To Celebrate

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Following months of planning by Nick Pettingale and Doris Taylor at the development office coupled with assistance from the archives courtesy of OEs John Harvey and Paul Russell, the 80th birthday celebrations of former headmaster Ian Beer was enjoyed by the 116 guests who attended Big School on Saturday April 30th.

Ian Beer became headmaster of Ellesmere at the age of 29. As you would expect, soon after their arrival at the reception, they were surrounded by friends and well-wishers.

Nick as Master of Ceremony saw to the smooth running of an enjoyable evening

with Daisy, Kate, John, George and Roger adding an artistic and cultural touch to the proceedings

which culminated with Roger playing the Schulze organ for a rendition of Jerusalem just in time for, yes you guessed it, speeches.

For this, Nick introduced Brendan Wignall who in turn handed the floor to Ian who was ready to deliver an anecdotal account of his time at Ellesmere

The event which provided an excellent opportunity to launch the ' Ian Beer Rugby Scholarship ' intended to support a Sixth Form student in the college's rugby academy concluded with a lineup of Ian's first five appointees to the common room, many of whom regularly attend special occasions at the college.

A very memorable evening enjoyed by all. From a photographer's point of view I can tell you it really was a blast. More images may be found here

Happy Birthday Ian!!!

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