Three Choirs Concert - The Event

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Roger Paul, seen here with the chapel choir of the college conducts a successful rehearsal in the afternoon

prior to the great summer musical extravaganza at Ellesmere which began in the evening and showcased outstanding performances by singers and instrumentalists drawn from the vast pool of talent at the college beginning with the choir from Lower School led by Rebecca Paul.

The audience were then treated to a rendition of three songs by Gaenor Ellis who was accompanied by Roger on the piano

Then at the helm of The Scholar's Ensemble, the walls of big school reverberated to the
sound of Rossini's William Tell Overture

before the full orchestra unleashed it's might and prowess, performing music from Star Wars, The  Lord of the Rings and Eye of the Tiger to the obvious enjoyment of all present

With much on offer in a packed program, Big School and it's adjacent corridor were cramped with Ladies in Waiting

and their gentlemen counterparts of the Ellesmere College Choral Society

It was another triumphant evening of excellent music making as Roger once again took to the keyboard with an arrangement of Somebody to Love

The evening concluded with a medley from The Phantom of the Opera with all three choirs being on stage

My advise to everyone is not to miss The 3 Choirs 2012!!!

Enjoy my friends

More images here and here

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