A Triumph For All Reasons Part 2

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The supporting cast of Noughts and Crosses provided backup to the principal players that was second to none.

The McGregors as Noughts in the drama were members of the under-privileged class of society.  Ryan the patriarch holds on to the tradition of being the man of the house, Jude the elder of the two boys with a jaundiced outlook of society seeking change through strife, Lynette  gentle and troubled who is probably closest to Callum and Meggie, the backbone of the family trying to hold on to and making sense of everything in an environment where at times right and reason had become secondary.

Kamal Hadley is a prominent politician heading for high office but for the moment he heads  a broken family having accused his wife Jasmine  of infidelity. She has now taken to drink as an escape from the life's woes. But  for Sephy and Minerva, perhaps hope for renewed sibling joy. Kamal has plans of his own which do not include his family once the elections are over but for now the problems of society and the family's troubles come to him.

All these elements had been brought together by drama tutors Gemma Heald and Helen Coney who at the end of the final show were presented with a floral and some edible tributes by the cast.

It was a production not to be missed and quite the best school play I have ever seen. I realise school days for me were quite some time ago but I really do not recall having seen anything as memorable as Noughts and Crosses. For those who had the misfortune of not being able to catch it, I know of a man who kept a video camera running through the second show.......... Alas, not me I hasten to add.

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Enjoy my friends!!

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