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As part of experiencing a less-cumbersome version of a United Nations debate, students from Year 9 at Ellesmere College each representing a different country, were assigned the task of producing a policy on the issue of child labour as part of a focus on the world body's work at making humanitarian decisions.

Following several weeks of preparing their allocated country's policy, the students had to present the views of their individual nations prior to making alliances with the representatives from other countries, the aim being to have their resolutions passed at the assembly of member states. Thus there was much discussion

engaging debate

while alliances or highlighting differences

and voting,

prior to the final plenary meeting which was held in Big School

where under scrutiny by representatives of all the gathered nations,

final attempts were made to have resolutions adopted before the assembly of members.

It's fun even if it isn't always games, at SY12 9AB

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