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By Weenson Oo on 00:15

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I have a theory borne of observation and some experience that playtime with a young child can be more fun than working through one's subscription at the local gym.

I have nothing against gyms, local or otherwise, having paid my dues to one for some three years. That I only attended the establishment once is another matter altogether. Fun with kids on any day are a workout. Just ask any mum or dad you know or meet. I may take regular exercise but I am run off the pitch playing football with my Godson. That said, like any parent, I'll take that session of fun anytime to pedaling endlessly on a stationary bike or jogging on the road to nowhere on a treadmill in a gym. Having fun with kids presents some of the greatest of photo opportunities.

Like any parent though, I can tell you, it's a workout alright. But like any parent, I can testify too that there aren't many things that are greater fun.

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