2013 : New Battle at Trafalgar

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Braving freezing temperatures and in a first such gathering of it's kind, more than a thousand British and French supporters of marriage rallied at Trafalgar Square on Sunday 24 March to voice their concern at moves by their respective governments to redefine the concept of marriage. The rally organised by the French movement, La Manif Pour Tousin (March for All) was in response to plans to introduce same-sex 'marriage' which would further allow children to be adopted by homosexual couples in France mirrored one in Paris attended by one and a quarter million supporters of the cause. The rally in France was the second such meeting and it's attendance exceeded the previous turnout of a million on the Champs Elysees.

At Trafalgar Square, led by speakers from both sides of the channel amongst them, the movement's co-ordinator Damien Fournier Montgieux, Alain Craig and Chris Sugden, those gathered chanted ' Vive le Marriage ' while congregated around Nelson's Column, easily out voicing the near one hundred pro-equality supporters whose intent was to disrupt the peaceful proceedings. 

As offered by Alain Craig, the intention of the movement was not to dismiss the rights of the same-sex community, instead it was a stand at protecting and preserving the institution of marriage.

The occasion saw supporters across several generations, many of whom were children who while brought by their parents nevertheless gave food for thought with the clear messages on the placards held aloft at the rally. Children too have their rights as nature intended. Strange indeed that the pro-equality protesters failed to recognise this though in these days of an increasingly secular world, it's more a case of ' that which I want ' than that which would be good for others which has been tested by time and should remain.

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