The day the leaves fell

By Weenson Oo on 00:25

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Simple leaves in varying shape, colour and size. At the height of their prowess,  collective masses of tissue and connective vessels toiling endlessly in selfless endeavour sustaining life. Then the day comes when spent and the work of a lifetime seemingly complete, they make their graceful descent with the prospect of providing yet sustenance of a different and more final kind.  Gone are the spring and summer of their days and while neither  the vigour of youth nor freshness of life remain yet today the fall to the ground ensures a final tribute is paid by the life that they had once sustained. One final look at beauty, dedication and the wonder of creation amidst an endless strife to find the right words to say thank you.

Goodnight Mum with lots of love from Dad and all of us       November 17 2012       81 years and 354 days

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