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By Weenson Oo on 10:05

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Last Thursday marked three lots of Pannack within a week and how visually satisfying they were too. One day my friends you will know her as a household name. Those of us who  have been touched by her ' stop dead in your tracks and gaze ' quality of photographic art already know this. Laura's pictures tell a story. You only have to look at her blog to appreciate this and rarely will you find there to be a need to embellish a post with more than one image. One picture says it all just as one picture won her the biggest prize of her young career so far, the World Press Photo Award in 2010 for the category of Portraits Singles. While one picture is enough to tell of a story she chooses to write, a few images taken on the preview night of her latest solo exhibition at the no half measures establishment going by the title of Gallery One and A Half might tell of another story, the coming of a bright star. 

I'm making myself a promise that once posted I will not chance an ounce of this blog. My glass half full approach sees me invariably going back and making edits to my posts. Not today. That which I have written is it. You can't make good on greatness.

Fujifilm X10

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