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Would you believe there are 6,000 Boris Bikes in London?

Often referred to by the name of Boris Johnson, our current and hopefully next Mayor of London who himself is an avid bicycle rider, since the scheme under which they are available was launched during the period of his first stint in office, they are commonly sighted in the Zone 1 Travelcard area of Central London, covering approximately 17 square miles or 44km2 for those more up to date with the international convention of weights and measures. Liveried in the familiar colours of Barclays Bank their sponsor, they are berthed in 400 docking stations as part of Barclays Cycle Hire, a public bicycle sharing scheme. The princely sum of £1 buys you access to a day's cycling joys with the first 30 minutes of usage being free. Costs rise thereafter in order to promote the constant circulation of bicycles. Freedom to roam on two wheels except of course where even this environmentally-conscious activity is prohibited such as here in Kensington Gardens.

A scheme for everyone if not everywhere.

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