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Most of us have read good advice amounting to having a small table tripod as part of the accessories to have in one's camera bag. You never know when you are going to need a stable platform on which to mount your camera and the chances are that you don't have it when you need one and are then compelled to make do with something of a makeshift nature. Trouble with table tripods is that while not the most stable of mounts and perhaps suspect when you are using a heavy camera in portrait orientation, they are it seems to me, not solid enough to mitigate vibration. Well, possibly until now.

Manfrotto have just announced a selection of new items to their catalog which include two pocket tripods. Available in with black or silver  and in two sizes, they look to resolve the stability and transportation issues.

This is the small pocket tripod, model MP1-CO2 ( CO1 being the version in black )

and here is the larger unit, the MP3-DO1 ( DO2 in silver ). Yes I know it looks smaller but do please click on the image and it will zoom in ;)

They appear to be of fixed height. It would certainly be interesting to see them in the flesh as it were. Specs or prices not as yet released and I'm sure they won't be much less than £40 each. You have to admit they do look the part though.

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