' Scholaly ' triumph at Metropolitan Cathedral

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The Schola Cantorum of the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School are no strangers to Westminster Cathedral, being on the roster of choirs regularly singing at the Vigil Mass on Saturday evenings as well as on other occasions. Despite the familiarity of the place, these young and capable professionals seen here in rehearsal in the afternoon gave ample indication that their regular tours at home and abroad, attendance at recording studios and opera halls are the result not only of talent but hard work and dedication.

Choral works by Bruckner, Kodaly and Mawby accompanied the St Anne's Mass being the music that is primarily used at the Vigil Mass and  were performed with great flair under the direction and steady guidance of Scott Price, who is music director at Cardinal Vaughan.

With memorable performances the order of the evening, it is hardly surprising that visits by the Schola are occasions highly anticipated by those attending mass at the cathedral.

Additional Images : Rehearsal and Vigil Mass

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