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Richard Elkington set up home in a 16th century building at Francis Yard in Chesham. In the ten years that he has been there, it has become home to works by living artists all over the country. The creative flavour of the Drawing Room further encompasses the performing arts since Richard's home is also a venue for musicians.

On December 6, I was privileged to attend the inaugural evening of a new series of events at the Drawing Room, one which brought together musicians and composers giving them the opportunity to explain their style and ideas in music while performing some of their own compositions. While not knowing what to expect, everyone came away from a thoroughly enjoyable evening with a view to returning again as I'm sure will many, once they've discovered the special magic of The Drawing Room. You see, it's Richard's home which feels very much like a home for many who have come and savoured the warmth and generosity of his hospitality. Not a great surprise really since as the written legend on the wall of The Drawing Room suggests, it was created with love from Richard's heart.

The Drawing Room in Chesham                                                               More images here

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