Bearing Witness

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In the deceptively-warm glow of an afternoon sun in winter, Brother Philip makes a stand for his faith before an inquisitive audience, some of whom came to spectate, others to debate, some to learn and on occasion too, there are those who come to heckle. This after all, is Speakers' Corner. 

The knowledgeable know this pitch as the site for these platforms are called, to be that operated by the Catholic Evidence Guild, an association of Catholic volunteers who by speaking at their pitch which incidentally is yards from Tyburn Convent,  present compelling witness to their faith as Catholics and offer explanation of the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. The Tyburn pitch of the guild which was established in 1918 is the oldest of all pitches bar one at Speakers' Corner, supporting statistical evidence that despite an increasingly-secular society, Roman Catholics in bearing witness still account for the highest percentage of Britain's Christian mass-going population.

Thankfully not all occasions of weekly witness comprise entirely of debates with hecklers since as Brother Henryk shows here, moments of thoughtful joy also make up the experience of an afternoon at the pitch.

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