A lot of ice on a freezing weekend

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The weekend of January 13 and 14 saw the fourth year of the London Ice Sculpting Festival which transformed Canary Wharf into a showcase for competitors from near and far. With judgement due at four in the afternoon on Saturday, work on the 2m blocks of ice began early on Friday morning.

The frantic effort continued into the evening as the sculptors for both the pairs

and singles speed competitions worked on completing their entries in good time.

When the results were finally announced, Portugal took the pairs prize

while local hero Jonathan Lloyd whose work also won the vote for the most popular sculpture was the unanimous winner in the singles speed contest.

The event brought a wealth of visitors to Canary Wharf, not only to admire the work of the competitors

but also to enjoy the various ice and snow-driven events and food, glorious food.

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Farewell Kodak

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Kodak as we knew it is no more. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen but not adieu.

There are few names more synonymous with the world of photography than Kodak. Founded by George Eastman and producing it's first camera in 1888 the company has touched more people on Planet Earth than McDonald's but neither deed nor name count for much if you don't keep up with the ways of a changing world. It is ironic that having developed the world's first digital camera in 1975, the company failed to get behind it's own invention. For photographers everywhere, it is particularly sad to witness the reduced circumstances of this very special giant. I suppose if it wasn't Kodak who gave us film, there would have been someone else but I'm glad it was Kodak.

You gave me my first camera, the film in my first SLR, my first sheet of photographic paper, the last roll of Kodachrome and APS cartridge I ever used, my first compact flash card and card reader. To thanks for the memories I would add that it would be great to see you back in the future, leaner and meaner.

For more details and comments, please see this report by the BBC

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